Year in NikeFuel

Project Summary

Year in NikeFuel featured a unique visualization for every Nike FuelBand user over their year of activity. The website allowed users to log in, gain deeper insights about how they move and enabled them to share these insights with friends and the Nike+ community.


My role: Information Designer
The team: 1 engineer
Timeline: 4 weeks
Client: National Geographic
Deliverables: Data analysis, front-end coding, lo/hi-fidelity mockups. 

Design Process

I created this visualization using Processing. I started playing about with different ways of representing this incredible amount of data from a full year worth of activity. The data story started to reveal itself when the "fingerprint" of how each person moves differently began to come into focus.


This image below represents each person on the Fathom team.



We built a microsite so that Nike could engage their users. FuelBand users could log in to see a year of their activity and share it with others in the community. 

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