What the World Eats

Project Summary

What the World Eats visualizes 50 years of food consumption patterns sourced from nations around the globe. This project was featured in National Geographic's Future of Food Series. The interactive visualization showcases the role of regional conflict, religion, and the health of the economy in thematically impacting consumption patterns.


My role: Information Designer
The team: 1 Product Manager, 2 Engineers
Timeline: 6 weeks
Client: National Geographic
Deliverables: Data analysis, front-end coding, lo/hi-fidelity mockups. 


National Geographic asked us to look at the challenges that food consumption poses to climate change. After doing research on the topic we set out to find a story that would illustrate this in a dataset from the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAOSTAT).

Design Process

I started by becoming familiar about some of the biggest trends that are stressing out the planet. From there I parsed and began exploring the dataset through pivot tables.

The story started to appear when we grouped food types into larger categories and plotted out caloric and weight consumption of food by country.

At this point I started working on the microsite where we would display the interactive data visualization. There were many iterations of the interaction until it felt natural to play with.


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